Bringing in a bit of light into your world :)

After being diagnosed at the young age of 25 with a rare form of Uterine Sarcoma, God led me to use my creative side to help process; as a therapy in a sense.

It started with drawing, led to painting and even some writing. It now encompasses a large array of Creative Arts, all of which helped and still continue to help me cope with my cancer diagnosis, the treatment, as well as my life beyond cancer. Trusting that there was more to life than my not-so-fortunate statistics was a battle of its own to which I can only give credit to God and my love of creating. Little did I know that while being led to create with my hands, God was in the process of re-creating me.

Drawing close to my 5 year remission mark of Uterine Sarcoma, I decided I wanted to share my love of crafting with others. I hope you enjoy!

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